Meat Weed America (2007)

All gave some, and some gave… meat weed! The plot thickens for the peaceful Meatweed family as they are attacked by the Yankee terrorist Bin Smokin’ (Peter Stickles). Innocent Jessie Bell flees to New York to be discovered, but is corrupted by the beautiful and mysterious Hempress (Debbie Rochon). Lord Meatweed recruits Sister Mary Juana and her horny nuns to seduce the Jihottie Terrorists, who birth lovable Bullpucky Junior. Bin Smokin’ then holds Jessie Bell hostage with the aid of the Art Dealer (Lloyd Kaufman). Finally, a war breaks out with shootouts, blood orgies, and real flesh hook suspensions! Perform your patriotic duty and watch Meat Weed America!

Meat Weed America Front Cover.jpg