Meat Weed Madness (2006)

There is a plantation that lies in the not so deep South, where an unusual family of farmers cultivate an unusual crop. It is said that at Meatweed Manor, the farmers make the most powerful ganja on the planet from human flesh, and its creative effects are evident in every inch of their magical plantation. When smoked, this wacko tobacco sends hot, lustrous babes into flights of passion that can only be called… Meat Weed Madness! On one fateful day, four lovely southern belles find themselves drawn to Meatweed Manor, where Lord Meatweed offers them a peaceful weekend to take in the country cure. As poor, sweet Jessie Bell searches for clues of her antebellum ancestry, three murderous bad girls go mad from smoking the meat weed and are severely punished by the minotaur Bullpucky. He cures them of their smoking habit by harvesting them as meat weed one by one. Come and see if Jessie Bell can survive the horrifying truth about her past and the hilarious ecstasy that is Meat Weed Madness!

Meat Weed Madness Cover_1.jpg